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Before you join please read and understand our terms and conditions
  • 1. Cognition and accept the terms

    Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. (here in after referred to as "Cinderella") is provided under this Terms of Service Cinderella (http://www. Topcheerleading. Com) services (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"). When you complete the member registration Cinderella, or start using the service, it means that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms of Service all content. Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd reserves the right at any time to modify or change the contents of this agreement; we recommend you always pay attention to such amendments or changes. After any modifications or changes your continued use of this service, is considered you have read, understood and agree to such amendments or changes. If you are a minor under the age of twenty, minor’s parents (or guardians) should have read, understood and agree to all the contents of this agreement and the subsequent changes after the change, parties may register as a member, use, or continue to use the Service. When you use or continue to use Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. over time it is presumed the parents (or guardians) have read, understood and agree to all the contents of this agreement and subsequent modification changes.
  • 2. Your registration obligations

    In order to use the Service, you agree to the following:
  • Accordance with the prompt service registry to provide your correct and updated information, and no repeat up registry and other violations.
  • To ensure its accuracy to obtain the best service, continually maintain and update your personal information.
  • If you provide any error or inaccurate information, or fail to provide information instruction, or lack of necessary data, Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. has the right without prior notice, and may directly suspend or terminate your account and refuse your use of the Service completely or in part.
  • 3. Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

    Regarding your membership registration, and other specific information is to be protected by Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. of "Privacy Policy" specifications.
  • 4. Member Account, Password, and Security

    After completing the Service's registration process, you will get the password and member account number, to maintain the confidentiality of the password and account security is your responsibility, in accordance to enter the member ID and password and login information all set methods are the same. Regardless of whether Enter by me personally, will be used by me as members. Use of the password and account for all activities, you will bear full responsibility. You also agree to the following:
  • In the case your password or account number has been stolen or has any other safety problems occur; you will immediately notify Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd.
  • Each time your connection is completed, all activity of your account is ended.
  • Your account number, password, and member benefits are for your personal use and enjoyment, not to lend, transfer, or other combination with others.
  • In the case of ID and password has been stolen or improper use of identification, Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd cannot recognize whether or not the user authenticity, Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. is not responsible for damage, and shall not be liable.
  • 5. Protection of Children and Youth

    To ensure children and youth protection, to use network security and to avoid privacy violations, parents (or guardians) should adhere to the following obligations: Children under the age of twelve years old, to use this service should be accompanied by a parent or guardian, minors twelve to eighteen years of age should be appropriate to use the service whether or not given prior consent.
  • 6. User Compliance Obligations and Agreement

    User agrees not for any illegal purpose or in any illegal use of the service, and agrees to abide by the Republic of China and all relevant laws and regulations of international practice to use the Internet. If you are a user outside the Republic of China, then you agree to abide by their countries or regions of the Act. You agree and warrant not using this service to others in the infringement of rights or illegal acts, including but not limited to:
  • Publish or transmit any defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, contrary to public order or good morals or other illegal text, images or any form of file
  • Infringement of or damage to business or reputation of others, privacy, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights and other rights
  • A violation of legal or contractual obligations of confidentiality
  • Fraudulent use of the Service on behalf of others
  • Transmit or distribute computer virus
  • Engaged in the business without prior authorization of Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd.
  • Post, transmit, send spam, chain letters, illegal or unauthorized of Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. licensing and advertising messages as much as pyramid schemes, etc.; or store any infringement of intellectual property rights or violation of law information
  • Other users of the Service or a third person generate trouble, displeasure, or violation of network etiquette generally offensive behavior
  • Other services provided do not match the intended use of the act or business of a legitimate reason that are believed to be inappropriate behavior
  • 7. Based on actual circumstances of the case Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. may add, modify, or terminate the related activities, and select the best way to inform members.

  • 8. In the case that one of the following circumstances occur, Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. has the right to stop or interrupt provision of the Service:

  • Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. website electronic communications equipment to implement the necessary maintenance and construction of the site
  • Occurrence of sudden failure of the electronic communications equipment
  • In the cast Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd website of the application of electronic communication service is stopped, unable to provide services
  • As natural disasters, unpredictable circumstances, or other factors not attributable to the business causing Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd, to be unable provide services of website.
  • 9. Transactions

    User agrees when using the service to purchase and order merchandise, Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. before the establishment of the business transaction, Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. still retains the right not to take orders or cancel the shipment. After notice of purchase order has been issued to Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. the system will automatically send notification of acceptance, but this notice is not an order confirmation notice, with regards of establishing a legitimate business transaction Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. will send further notice.
    If after using the Service to order and purchase merchandise, in the case of product return, order cancellation, or any other improper operation or behavior caused distress or harm to Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd, Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd in the case may take up to refusal to deal or permanently cancel the membership eligible for processing.
    In the case of the following situations Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. will cancel your purchase order 1) page shows no inventory 2) delivery location is unreachable due to inevitable factors.
  • 10. Intellectual Property Protection

    Contents of the website, such as writings, pictures, files, information, data, site structure, site arrangement of the screen, web design, all by Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. or other rights of others shall have their intellectual property, trademarks, patents, copyright, trade secrets and proprietary technology. No person shall use its sole discretion, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, convert, distribute, publish, publish, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble. If you wish to quote or reproduce the aforementioned software, programs, or site content, you required by law to obtain business or other rights of others without the prior written consent. Respect intellectual property rights are your obligation, if violated; user should answer to Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. and be liable for damages (such as litigation costs and attorney’s fees, etc.).
    Respect for the principle of intellectual property rights of others, members agreed to use the Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. service, not as acts of infringement of intellectual property rights of others.
    If the members of the circumstances involving repeated infringement, Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd, may suspend all or part of the service, or its sole discretion to cancel the member account of the manner.
    If you discover allegedly infringed intellectual property rights violations, which has been infringed please contact Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. By mail (E-mail) sent to:
  • 12. User Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd Authorization

    Regarding members log in or browsing personal information, members agree to use Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd site was within a reasonable collection, processing, storage, transfer and use of such information to provide users with additional information or services, or made membership statistics, or behavior on the Internet for surveys or studies, or for any of the legitimate use. If you have no legal right to authorize others to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, convert, distribute, distribute, publicly released a data, and the right to sublicense the foregoing third person, without authorization, the data do not upload, transmit, input or provide to the Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. Once any data you upload, transmit, or provide input to Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd over time, as you have up to unconditionally allow Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, convert, distribute, distribute, publicly released the information, and may be above the right to authorize others to, you have no objection to this.
  • 13. Matter of Special Authorization

    Use of the service provided by the network transactions or activities may be through home delivery or freight forwarders to complete the delivery of goods or gifts, therefore you agree to and authorize sub-sector of the network may, depending on the transactions or activities needs and objectives, and you provide will be necessary for the distribution of personal information (such as recipient name, delivery address, contact phone, etc.), provided to the delivery or shipping , to facilitate the completion of the sub-items (or gifts, etc.) distribution, back.
  • 14. Refusal or Termination of User Privileges

    User agrees Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. for purpose of maintenance of transaction security reasons, or for any reason, including but not limited to lack of use, or violation of the express provisions of the Terms of Service and spirit, to terminate your password, account (or any part thereof) or the Service use, and any of the services "Member Content" to remove and delete, may also have been informed of the situation, at any time terminate the Service or any portion thereof. In addition, you agree that use of the Service is terminated; Cinderella Fashion Co., Ltd. or any third party shall not be liable.
  • 15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    The interpretation of this Agreement is applicable, as well as disputes relating to this agreement shall be handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China, and Taipei, Taiwan District Court for jurisdiction.
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